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Others have posted their concerns with your secondary stats, but I'd be far more concerned with your primary stat. I'm playing a level 47 toon right now, so my toon is 2 levels higher than yours, but my primary stats are MUCH higher than yours. For example, you have several pieces of gear with Strength in the 30s. That's way too low. Ideally, all your gear should have Strength in the 60s or so. Really, you only have one good piece of gear - your gloves, at 75 Strength / 65 Endurance. Replace everything else with gear like that & you'll be a lot better off.

For reference, look at the minimum level for the gear you have. I'll bet most if it is designed for players in the low 30s, not level 45.
Do you know any nice gear I can use instead? It's name and stats?