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I honestly don't think its as bad as you guys are making it out to be. There is more crap pugs with pve gear but i have no trouble getting wins imp side esp if i queue with my imp guild but also when solo queueing, sometimes ill get into the situation of queueing into the same nubs in pve gear time after time but the thing is.. this has happened to me on republic side as well...
I didnt mean to make it out very badly, if my wording made it sound like that, I apologize My point was mainly to solidify what Plasamxd said (
I also woundt be surprized if many good pvpers who where once on the imp side have rerolled on the rep side simply becaus of this, in fact from what others (very active pvpers) told me that has allready happened in many cases.

Im speaking of before the latest server merge where you guys from Nightmare Lands etc joined us, when there used to be several strong imperial side pvp guilds. Servants of None was, as far as I know, the best pvp guild on the server. They experienced two guildmasters leaving fairly fast after eachother, which caused the guild to dissolve, and most their pvp players (Es'carli, Kassus, Erobos etc) went permanent rep-side (I know some, like Erobos, was playing both sides before this happened, by all means). Beyond Comprehension was also among the top guilds in pvp, but it all kind of dissolved as some people stopped playing, while others in the recent weeks decided to leave and go rep side.
TESR was also one of the more prominent pvp guilds out there for a while, but we just kept losing members there. This made us never have a stable team, where we would play really good one day, then suck big time the next day. In addition, some of our main pvp guys left the game for GW2, as they didnt enjoy the pvp in swtor.

As this is now starting to look like a wall-of-text, Im going to stop writing more now and do something productive while at work! lol jk.

Also, miss Bleezar <3