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Last night I was in a PuG doing HM Boarding Party. No words were exchanged by anyone as the FP started, and we defeated the first boss easily. Everyone was greeding on items, including me When we defeated the second boss, a mod dropped that I needed on, after everyone had greeded. (it was a good mod for my comp). Almost immediately a vote kick came up on me where I was called a ninja. I responded to give me a break, and the initiator said "why should I? Do you have a comp I don't know about?" After a ridiculous question like that I was like fine, I'll quit the group and he responded back fine with all of us and they kicked me. (I actually had transported back to fleet at that point). I put everyone in the PuG on ignore.

So my question is, without anyone defining "rules" up front in a PuG, was I out of line? I suppose I could have asked if anyone minded if I needed on it, but can't think of anything else I could have done.
They had right to kick u. if u need on a mod for a comp without even asking i would have kicked u to. srry but at least ask it or greed and be lucky.
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