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10.12.2012 , 03:20 AM | #20
Hi guys!

We are havin trouble with the Periodical-Damage-Mechanic! I hope someone of you can shed some light on it.
I never saw it mentioned in a guide anywhere,
but its what is making us big trouble on our first attemts yesterday.

As i see it, Operator lX is casting periodical damage on all players in the raid, that can get higher.
What we didn`t figure out is, why its getting higher in our raid, and in the killvids i see, they always get like 900, and later maybe 1,2-1,8k, while sometimes we get up to 2,4k in the purple phase!?
It`s definitly too much to heal through.

My guess is that its caused by corrupted A.I., or some other mechanic,
but i want to understand this completely!

Thx for any help!
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