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10.12.2012 , 12:14 AM | #33
Yes been having the freezing crash to desktop post 1.4 as well. I've had issues with some crashing off and on since I started playing (headstart pre order), but sometime after 1.2 the crashes only happened occasionally. They would pop back up after every "patch", but still whatever was causing them seemed to be resolved in a timely manner...except this time. Now they happen 6+ times a day. They would happen even more, except sometime after crash number 6 for the umpteenth day in a row I get frustrated and quit trying.

I have tried all your silly little "fixes" including a fresh install (man that one was obnoxious!). Nope guys, 1.4 just broke the freaking game for many of us. It was the patch, not our machines. Admit it. It is your Frankencode. Read some of the comments made by former employees at that had to work on it. They outline exactly why this keeps happening and why it will continue to happen.

And no I haven't made any tickets because the tickets I've submitted in the past were so far off the reservation in terms of answers, I gave up before I got a perma ban for telling them what I thought of them and their "advice". They are beyond clueless.

Point being, I've played Asian grinders that looked better, had better uptime, and had fewer bugs BY FAR than SWTOR with its multi hundred million dollar budget.

SWTOR was and continues to be a prime example of how to take a sure fire money making MMO enterprise with one of the biggest IPs ever and utterly destroy it via money mismanagement, horrid support (ha don't get me started on the phone support people!) and poor decision making all around.