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Shes not normally this way. Just enjoys watching me squirm after I come home. Even better now that she has an audience. She gets better eventually. Even better when she starts drinking/ Hadock smiled he had missed his home. Merena laughed to herself See what happens when you leave me alone for so long I get cranky! Epo laughed a bit and joined in. Now daddy gets to do my chores right!
Merena laughed Sure does! Everyone of them. Along with fixing half the broken junk hes left laying around! Heard from your sister last month. Said your dad died. Said she held a ceremony on Tython for him. Figures such a sweet girl doesn't know alot about her father. Merena said walking her and Epos plate into the kitchen We can talk about it later the boy don't need to hear the story yet. Did my sister say anything about Kregan Savac? Merena nodded pushing a noisy Epo down the hallway to his room Said she made it back to the Repbulic turned a bunch of intel over to them said you should hear from them soon. Now come on boy bed time! she yelled pushing Epo into his room and closing the door.