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This is mostly true but i find HM FP'S completely useless you can do EV and KP HM with recruit mk-2 gear why bother with columi most people doing it are overgeared farming them for comms, SM Ops take too long to queue and not worth the trouble. HM OPS except EC and TFB are easy as hell yet they are not on the queue list etc and etc.
Ignore this person, HM ops you need more than recruit or your just being carried, even SM ops I'd never invite someone unless they could at least show me they have an interest in being a team player and have a pve set even if its all Tionese/crafted mix.

Theres a lot of nice people and guilds around, I'd suggest you spend half hour looking for them, maybe asking in general chat if theres any friendly PVE guilds looking for members who would be willing to show a new player the ropes.

Post your servers name, if your on my server we can get you the help you need, even help you gear up for ops if your interested, we have 1 or 2 weekly runs to introduce people into them, and regular HM flashpoint runs to teach the game mechanics as well as get gear.
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