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I am having this exact issue. I've tried everything they've suggested in the forums. btw, I think this is my first post....not sure. I played for awhile when 1.2 came out originally and then quit for personal reasons. (mainly there's no built in timer to give you a heads up how long you have played). I came back and had to jump through hoops to get the game to install.

I at first didn't install from disks and just downloaded the client from the web, it wouldn't install fully. I then cleared it off and did an install of the disks and then patched. when it was applying the patches it would lock on the whole main asset 80 or whatever issue. I then booted into safe mode with networking and it fully installed. Hooray, after that I was excited to see my character i hadnt touched in a few months. I get in and start running around and questing. having a great time and then the crashes start.....i thought it was a one off at first but it kept happening. sometime I would get in, start a fight with something and then crash. the crash would happen as other's have described. the screen would lock (only for the game, playing windowed (full screen)) and then go black and then close to desktop. Like the other posters in this thread I'm a technician (living in Austin working for a computer company who's name starts with a and ends with pple). I've got access to lots of backup system and different items to try the game on. I've tried it on my main and on my laptop (both easily meet recommended requirements and exceeds them all) and had the same freezes happening.

I wouldn't mind hopping down to the studio and brining my main (its a desktop but whatever) with me so the devs can see it happen before their eyes. I admit that my main is a frankencomputer but she works flawless in most games and the games she has problems with i've installed on the laptop and they work just fine. Just not SWTOR. I would love to help fix this if possible but I can understand how these corps work and have privacy stuff and such.

But regardless, one other thing about all this, before I quit the first time, the game ran fine on the exact same build of computer. no changes were made to the computer except for some installs of other games and some other non-invasive software. before you think its a virus/malware/sudden hardware failure, know that I am a certified tech in both hardware and software for the company i work for and I am highly proficient in troubleshooting computer issues. i did it for dell for 3 years before doing for my current company for around 5 years at this point. I guess what I'm trying to get across with this omgwtf wall of text is, please realize that there's a problem, admit to it for us who care about transparency and give us the quality we know you are capable of. Also, I'm willing to be a lab rat and actually get a fixed produced. I don't want anything special other than the great stable experience i had my first time with this game. Currently I can't play without a crash happening once every 15-20 minutes. Not a great way to be greeted by a game I already quit playing once before.....just saying.