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10.11.2012 , 11:22 PM | #30
I've been playing swtor since january I've been for 2 months everytime since january. also my computer isnt the bes computer for this game it takes almost all my ram the only reason why my game runs is because of my video card. but even with that my game has never ever crashed since i bought the game in january. i started crashing atleast 5-8 times a day i can't pvp, i can't, i can't a FP. i can't watch a cutscene, for the love of god i can't even just standing still, without being scared my game is going to crash. im a heavy pvper i pvp for most of the day. but ever since 1.4(worst patch ever) i can't pvp without my game crashing if i dont crash on a loading screen i crash while im in a WZ and thats just annoying. trying to pvp with my guild <Imperial Dogs> or a FP and im always the one to crash and my guildmaster and a couple other guys. my computer isn't the problem i did everything Bioware CS told me to do and everything shows up perfect and my windows is up to date(i run vista btw). my game should run out early november i most likely wont be subbing back if the problem isnt fixed by then. also the last maitnence after 1.4 didnt do **** witch pissed me off. all i want to do is get my JUGG to 50 and WH gear. also my UI gets stuck on all my loading screens i think some code with the UI and the loading screen is messed up but then again i dont only crash through loading screen. please fix this issue its a game breaking issue i know alot of people who unsubbed because of these random crashes