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I read every single Star Wars comic book ever written to date. Even the original marvel series and the original comic strips that appeared in the Los Angeles Times Syndicate. I had stopped reading comic books in 1989, but started again in 2006 where I rediscovered Star Wars comic books and caught up with everything and never stopped since. I have also played all of the video games and still play Atari's Empire Strikes Back pretty hardcore, thank god for emulators and cheap gamepads on ebay.

I never read a novel, only a few Star Wars audio books here and there. The Star Wars Universe is pretty gigantic. Those who have only read novels and not the graphic novels have only half the story. I can only imagine its the same for those who have only read the graphic novels but not the novels. For those who have only played the video games, have only gotten a glimpse into the Universe. And for those who only saw the movies, only have a shadow of what Star Wars truly is.

But for those who grew up with the toys (not collectors) ... they have truly lived Star Wars like no other. No video game can ever top that experience. Star Wars is about one's own imagination. Novels really bring out the imagination in fans, because they have to imagine what they are reading visually, they have to imagine the sounds. Graphic novels do as well, just slightly less visual imagination is required. Movies and cartoons even less. And video games the least, though video games today are more interactive than ever which are challenging our minds almost like toys, the original interaction. As for Lego Star Wars .... let's be honest only rich kids play with that. Shame. I'm glad I grew up in the era I did, as I was definitely a Star Wars kid. I even had the lightsaber that lit up and the one that made sounds when you swung it the air, from the 80's. And I got modern day lightsabers from ultrasabers today, that I still play with. I don't collect anything, I play. Stunt sabers, baby. If you don't play you haven't interacted with the Universe, you have only sat there and watched.

There is one Star Wars video game I have always wanted to play, that escaped my grasp. It was a java game for phones that weren't smart phones but can still play some java games. It took place in Yoda's home. I forgot exactly how it went, but I believe Yoda would tell you wise sayings while he cleaned his home or something like that.

Oh yeah, I also play Pazaak on my droid. I have a good strategy. It works every time.
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