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Quote: Originally Posted by Swedguy View Post
Headgear: 47 strength 40 endurance 21 power 15 surge rating
Chest: Marauder Elite vest
Gloves: 74 strength 65 endurance 24 shield rating 32 critical rating
Waist: 37 strenght 24 endurance 3 critical rating
Leggings: Marauder Elite Leggings
Boots: 45 strength 39 endurance 17 critical rating 17 alacrity rating
Supreme Marauder's Lightsaber: 56 strength 61 endurance 24 accuracy rating 42 critical rating 373 force power
Ancient Lightsaber: 53 strength 52 endurance 16 shield rating 17 power 20 critical rating 329 force power 12 absorption rating
Bracers: 45 strength 29 endurance 4 power
Implant: 37 strength 34 endurance 7 accuracy rating 18 power
Earpiece: 34 strength 29 endurance 12 power 12 alacrity Rating

Should I replace anything? If so, do you know any reccommended gear?
Alacrity isn't really a useful stat, but those two are probably even less useful since you have no shield.
I mean, if you're still leveling, and it's an upgrade on the other stats from what you had, then sure, but once you get into endgame gear, it will get you chewed out and even kicked from some flashpoint groups.

And I have no clue about the chest and legs. What level, stats, green/blue/orange?