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10.11.2012 , 08:46 PM | #29
I'm going to have to agree with Maatkara. I've played this game at release and leveled 3 characters to 50 before the bugs drove me away. BUT! Not 1 single time have I ever crashed. Yet since 1.4 I have crashed multiple times and this last one cost me the completion of an instance. I got booted out and when i got the game reloaded I logged in where I was standing before I went in. This might have been due to me being kicked for going LD due to the crash but it is INFURIATING to have that happen.

Again this has NEVER happened not 1 single time until 1.4 I have now 4 lvl 50s and working on a 5th. I love the game but this is your guys doing not ours. Hundreds of players PCs don't all of a sudden break at the same time you released a patch. Fix it or your games deader than it already is. I'm seeing a lot of EA typical dodging here. It seems the game we all knew and loved is already dead.


Update to this post, now 1 hour later.

After this crash, I updated to the latest graphics card drivers, did the repair on the launcher, and entered the instance Cademimu. I again got the exact same spot just before you use the shuttle that is accessed by the console from slicing i believe and POOOFFF CTD, came back into game was standing in the same spot i was when I went in, had no group and even asked this group not to boot me if i crashed, that I would log back in. I tried to requeue and it wouldn't let me just acted as if i never pushed the button to join queue and closed the window.

Really looking forward to getting this fixed, if this persists yet again the bugs will push me away.