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10.11.2012 , 08:39 PM | #1
Hi Bioware,

Since it is not surprising that you guys have more or less abandoned the APAC community by leaving bugs lying around, and not merging the 3 extremely underpopulated servers together like what you have did with the US servers, we are willing to suffer the consequences of your (in)actions by moving out to the larger US servers.

Our guild generally agrees that even though we suffer pings that will be 5-10 times that of what we are experiencing now, it is pointless to play in and with empty servers day-in-day-out. PvPs have literally frozen since the cant-leave-ops-group bug (which incidentally has not been even acknowledged by your team) and in peak hours the population is pathetic.

Therefore I am asking for transfers. I'm sure many will agree with me. This should be a win-win for you (I don't know, was that your original intent?) as you no longer need to maintain servers that you aren't exactly maintaining anyway (well yes, you are paying cash to host it, so save that cash eh).

And yes I am writing here hoping for a faster response than leaving it to chance sending tickets. Tickets now take on average a full working week before it gets a reply.