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Mean and zero, with little else to do, continued training.

"You are improving fast, I see. time for a real test, I think." he drew his knife "Don''t hold anything back"

the two clashed for sevral minutes, the fight going back and forth sevral times. eventuly, Mean managed to slip past Zero's defences and get his knife to her throat "dead"

"Damm it."

"You kidding? considering this is your backup fighting style, you did great. I feel sorry for any guy who thinks you are a softy at close range." suddenly, there was a knock at the door "That will be him"

"What? You acculy invited someone over?"

"It's a suprise. don't worry, he can be trusted, he knows what I will do if he ever reveals this location"

Mean walks away, comeing back with a man a moment later "Can we get this over with? I have a busy day today"

"Zero, this guy is here to wed us. so long as we are going to be together, I figured we may as well make it offical."

"Oh, mean!" She rushes to kiss him, only to have him stop her "Save it for after."

moments later, they were standing together while the other guy ran threw an extremly rushed verson of the weding "Do, take Meanken to be your lawfuly weded husbend?"

"I do

"and do you, Meanken, take Zero to be your lawfuly weded wife?"

"If I diden't, would I have bothered calling you here?" zero chuckled

"Then I declare you husbend and wife, now hurry up and kiss, I have another appointment in 5 minutes"

the two have a nice long kiss