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10.11.2012 , 08:31 PM | #39
I would personally like to see Nightmare Mode FPs where two things take place:
  • CROWD CONTROL makes a return. This forces groups to socialize to some extent. It also gives room for error, and a need for coordination.
  • "Trash skipping" dies I think trash skipping is absolutely ridiculous, and the reason why groups just BLAZE through FPs, and really trivializing the content.

I absolutely love trash pulls like the first pull in Red Reaper, the 5 droid pull in Athiss, the 4-boss fight in Mandalorian Raiders or HELL... heroic missions! I have often found my group dead or hanging on by a string at all of these - despite group experience. Oh hey look at that... I mentioned all the FPs that aren't HM yet too! So that was a great suggestion as well.

There is more satisfaction and less bore to me when there is social interaction, but more importantly, topped with a REAL level of difficulty.

TL/DR: Trash skipping, lack of crowd control dynamics, and no incentive to communicate leaves for a shallow experience.