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10.11.2012 , 08:29 PM | #28
I will totally agree with the posts, this is NOT a problem with our systems. I have played since beta and have never had as many issues as after 1.4 (as some of my other posts on related topics has previously stated). Stop acting like a politician lying to your public and fix what you guys broke. I have already cancelled my subscription as well due to this issue. It is a game-breaking issue and all we are getting is futile instructions to fix something that is unfixable on our end. And yes, I've done practically every suggestion made by Bioware to end the stated by almost every post on this thread, none of it has rectified the problem. Bioware's customer service is resembling Sony Online, while the game is starting to remind me of Anarchy Online (which, by the way, is discussed in MIS classes as a complete failure for online gaming).