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Yeah. It's been a while . Just about as long as I've been with the Mandos. Met her things happened and well... You see the result. He said sitting down across the room. As he sat down Epo came running into the room So you're my daddy! Where have you been? What happened to your eye? Why's your leg hurt? the child asked not even pausing between questions Been a few places I'll tell you about later. As well as everything else. Just gimme a bit okay? The kid still rambled of questions and then jumped on top of Hadock Wanna play troopers and pirates? Wanna show me how to shoot a blaster? Merena walked in behind Epo and smiled at Rafeesh Sorry about this he gets carried away sometimes. She then looked over at Hadock and Epo Epo go to the kitchen and help Mommy make dinner and Daddy can play with you later okay?