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10.11.2012 , 07:58 PM | #12
Hey OP (original poster)!

I have to agree with the other folks who have posted and say that this is a "community-issue" rather than a game-issue.

Coming from other MMORPGs, I've noticed the SWTOR community is a bit... antsy. When I first started (just a few months ago), I was blown away at the concept of "skipping" and things to speed up flashpoint runs in any way possible. To be completely honest, I preferred spending those 1-2 hours in instanced dungeons (FPs) fighting trash monsters.

Jump ahead a couple months, and I catch myself "skipping" nearly anything possible when I play my tanking character. I'm guilty of it, and I don't actually prefer it; I just do it be "courteous" of the group - because apparently time is that valuable. *SHRUG*

Well, I'll keep it short... I could go on for days.

Anyways, if you're on "The Harbinger" server, I'd love to group with you on my level 50 healer and set the speed however you like it. I'm thinking about maybe finding more like-minded people who want to do less rushing through content and more enjoying.

Spinach - The Harbinger