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Mommy who's Hadock? The child asked hiding behind his mother now. Go play in your room, Mommy will talk to you in a minute. Merena said pushing the child inside and closing the door behind her. Should I have called before stopping by dear? Merena laughed a minute and then slapped Hadock. Of course you dolt. You had me worried. You barely call you don't tell me anything. What am I? Something you hide? Hadock looked at her and smiled. You know i've been busy. I can't talk so much because I don't wanna put you in danger. You signed up for this when we were married. Merena wrapped her arms around Haddock Yeah I did. But you signed up to be here some to. You missed so much. You have a son now Hadock he needs you here too.. I uh know. I just wanted you both to be safe.