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10.11.2012 , 03:09 PM | #3
I think the bigger question is are they going to charge for the right stuff?

When STO went f2p, it was fairly obvious the real fanboi's wanted ships and uniforms of their favorite series that they loved or wanted to re-live, and they'd pay nicely for that desire. Personally, I'm not sure SWTOR is targeting the right crowd with what they claim they will be charging for :: mostly level 50 content. I think the real genius of SWTOR isn't that particular content, but the story lines up to 50, which will be free. And we all have experienced that drag around the end of Ch.2 which we all seem to bog down at. So they are betting that players will grind to get to 50 and want to continue with Ops and WZs and such so much that they will suddenly pay to play? I'm not sure that model works long term.

I think if they offer special playable species or style of clothing or something in the market, they will be a popular money sink.
I also think if they charged per Chapter somehow, and just keep creating new chapters post-50 every once in a while it'd be popular.
But charging for Ops/WZs post-50 ... I just don't see that desire, unfortunately.

But in the end, I hope it all works for them as I do enjoy playing daily ... way too many hours daily!!