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You will not get an answer. When it comes to PvP balance, the devs will never communicate anything to the players. They ignore you completely. The sub money you pay them, they apparently forget about when it comes to PvP balance. They will only post on threads like the one talking about dueling in the fleet because it has nothing to do with PvP balance.

Been asking for a clarification on Consumption which is a sorcerer ability. It is totally broken for PvP since 1.2 and the player base hasn't heard a word in regards to what the devs feel about it. I've made multiple threads and so have others simply asking for an honest response to our thoughts and I'd venture to say not a single dev even read those threads. If they did, they laughed and neglected to post on it like every other PvP balance thread in existence on these forums.

The developers at Bioware sicken me. I could do a better job responding to the customer base in one day then their entire team of devs could do in one year.

Also, the smashes are hitting for considerably more than 7k. Someone has already posted a 9746 smash on the Prop5 pvp records thread.
See what's funny tho, they nerfed comsumption back in 1.2 (as well as taking away sorc's burst, as well as gimp our AoE because sorcs burst was their AoE and it can crit up to 5 people for 3k).
They nerfed comsumption proc so we wouldnt have unlimited force to spam heal yet they give us a 30s self heal that pretty much guarrentee 2 free comsumption which is plenty during the 30 second window anyway.

They nerfed our burst (and it wasnt even that bursty mind you 3k to up to 5 people) so 3k to 5 people is overpowered and had to be nerfed but 6-7k to 5 people is fine. Biofail is just so amazing and so hypocrite when it comes to their designs. e.g sorcs cant do 3.5k to 5 people but its ok for warrior to double that damage also to 5 people. It's not ok for operative to deal damage and burst too quick but it's ok for Sins to maul you for 7k+ discharge for 6k INTERNAL damage while also shocking you for 5k. All that while having force speed/100% tech/force immunity/deflection/25% damage reduction every single time they come out of stealth and everytime they click on blackout and blockout even auto resets cd, and theres no internal cd for this effect.

BW is just so amazing, look at the sub numbers EXPLODING rightnow... oh wait...

The derp is strong with this one.
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