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As the title suggests, we at Dark Knights are currently seeking raiders to fill up our 16-man raid.

Background info:
The majority of us started playing this game at launch but we all have years of experience from a variety of other MMO's as well. We continuously push new PvE content (Nim EC in the works) and also continuously level alts and overall enjoy what this game has to offer.

Our current dilemma:
We have consistently been having a cursed number of 12 members logged in for raiding through the past 4 months. The 12 members are often different each day but it's always 12 none the less... It's rather annoying having to decide to PuG 4 members for the hardest content in the game or having some people sit out and 8-man it.

The solution:
You! We just need a hand full of new members to consistently log on to solve this crisis and that will (for the most part) guarantee you as a new member a raid spot!
Stipulation - we are kinda flooded with tanks right now between mains and alts. You are welcome to request a tanking spot with us since we all have alts that we can shuffle around to. this is just a warning that tanking is often a questionable slot to get.

Sunday/Monday - Clean-up raid from 8PM-12AM EST
Tuesday - Free-be
Wednesday/Thursday - Progression runs (currently TFB) 8PM-12AM EST
Friday/Saturday - Drunk runs/Alt runs (Free-be)

Reasons you'd like to join:
- We are incredibly laid back. Seriously, we often just send in orbital strikes on trash and go grab a sandwich, laid back. We have high expectation and low standards so if you show that you can simply jump in and listen then we will work to find ways for you to improve yourself so we can eat popcorn.

- We are experienced. Many of us have played MMO's for years as well as lead individual guilds in the past. We all know the ins and outs of how this game works. If you got questions, we got answers! On top of that, we all understand what it means to teach rather then to punish.

- We get things done....Somehow. I have no explanation for this one, it just happens.

-We use Team Speak 3 and are usually on roughly 24/7

Contact info:
In game, feel free to contact
C÷dex (Alt-148 for the ÷, don't tell the gold farmers)
or just search for Dark Knights and whisper one of our members, more then likely they can get you an invite fairly quickly.