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MMO's do require you to put some time learning how the game operates. That is specially true for group content like Flashpoints. You need to understand what is happening and why people do what they are doing, it is for a reason they are doing it, specially in fights that involve special mechanics like the infamous "don't stand in the fire" or target switching.

When moving stick yourself like 5 meters behind the "tank's" butt, stay with the group, don't wander off by yourself and pay attention to what is happening around you.

Remember that you are part of a team and you are supposed to do your part, that's why people get angry at you, they have put effort in learning how to play the game, they expect you to at least do the same.
Some people will be more patient than others with "newbies" but everyone has it's limits. You should at least be able to carry yourself, stay with the group and generally don't be the cause for a "wipe".

A social leveling guild tends to be a lot more relax with the performance of the group members and it is a good place for learning the basics.
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