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Quote: Originally Posted by BogyOne View Post
I just checked 2 things what gain I would currently have using LagunaD Upgrade Advisor:
  • by replacing Matrix Cube with WH relic: -66 STR, +113 PWR, -27 Crit Rtg ~ +7 DPS
  • by replacing Campaign relic with 184 elemental damage with WH relic: ~ +20 DPS

For latter I used LagunaD's formula to calculate procc rate of relic (0.105 / sec) * 184 dmg ~ 20 DPS, adding WH relic is ~ +40 DPS according to upgrade advisor.
Something is quite wrong there, because the Campaign proc relic is far and away better than the Matrix Cube. For one you're not accounting for crits on the proc relic.

This post from Laguna D disagrees; he puts the Campaign proc relic at 2.5% of his DPS output, and the WH power relic at 2.3%.
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