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Sounds like the majority of your struggles come from more of the community then the game itself. Generally speaking, the community tends to create ways to be most efficient in getting things done and if you are not up to speed with everything then it can become very overwhelming.

I would highly suggest asking/looking around for a guild that takes in new players and helps them learn the ropes. They can sometimes be hard to come by but getting into one would be the easiest means of getting many of these issues resolved. Finding a group of friends that you can consistently run things with will make the game exponentially more enjoyable.

As for some of the questions mentioned in the post:

- Biometric Crystal Alloy can be found of the last boss of any hard mode flash point. The boss will drop one and the group can roll for it. Often times the group will just do a greed roll for it but if you give a heads up that you need it then they will usually just give it to you without any concern. You may also be able to buy one of the Galactic Trade Network as well.

- Because the group finder system rewards heavily experienced players for running flashpoints, you will often find groups that know all the tricks and means to complete the runs as fast as possible (Often around a 20 minute run). Since these people have done it hundreds of times, they try to make the run as quick as possible and get edgy if it takes longer then desired. It's a sad pitfall with the system and the best way to work around it is to run it with friends. You can attempt to explain that your a rather new player and see if they will take there time, but sadly 3 in 4 people tend to not care...

- Loading times, lag, and frame rate issues is always a messy topic with the variety of variables involved. Best I could suggest (aside from asking hundreds of questions) is to work with Bioware customer service reps.

- Acronyms are just something you have to kinda pick-up as you go along. For the most part, they are used to describe the variety of runs or objects used within the game.

GTN = Glalactic Trade Network
HM = Hard Mode
SM = Story Mode
NM or NiM = Nightmare Mode
BH = Black Hole
OP = Operation
FP = Flash Point
BT = Black Talon
BOI = Battle of Ilum
FE = False Emporer
D7 = Directive 7
BP = Bording Party
Kaon = Kaon under Siege
LI = Lost Island
BW = BioWare