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Hello there! Crashing to desktop while taking the taxi in Cademimu is on our Known Issues list. If you experience this bug, please note that you're able to get right back into the Flashpoint upon logging in. We are currently working to ensure a fix in an upcoming patch and appreciate your understanding.

On The Bastion server this is incorrect. Upon several times of doing this flashpoint my guild and I have thought "Yeah ok this is a new bug we crash and go back into the flashpoint.", however, once you crash out due to this unlocked taxi and attempt to log back in you will end up in your previous location outside the group even if the other members are still inside the flashpoint who decided not to take the taxi. This has been happening since 1.4 patch and tested as of last night 10/10/2012 again I can only speak on behalf of several people on The Bastion server. Also this bug is not limited to Cademimu as even just zoning into certain places, randomly, will cause a crash to desktop though we are uncertain of what really causes this crash.
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