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Note: This event schedule does not begin until Saturday, October 20th, 2012 which will begin with the Third Saturday of the month.

Open World PvP Event Weekly Schedule

(Hosted by War-Machine)

This is a list of the weekly PvP Event schedule for Open World PvP. This will be every Saturday Night at 8:00pm Eastern Time. On certain months that have Five Saturdays, the fifth Saturday will be PvP, take a break. This list is as follows...

  • First Saturday of the Month: King of the Kill and the Location View
    Location: -2330, 402 In the Dune Sea.
    Objective: Control the Mouth of the Czerka Dig Site by 9:30pm Eastern TIme.

  • Second Saturday of the Month: Blockade of Alderaan (Special Thanks to PAX Republica for suggesting this location!) and the Location View
    Location: 1203, 183 in the Juran Mountains.
    Objective: Control both bridges by 9:30pm Eastern Time.

  • Third Saturday of the Month: Battle of Illum and the Location View
    Location: -1994, -12 in the Western Ice Shelf
    Objective: Seize control of the platform and maintain control until 9:30pm Eastern Time.

  • Fourth Saturday of the Month: To be Announced...

See you guys there!
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