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I am calling for an explanation from the developers who handle class balance to discuss why there was a buff to Focus/Rage trees in the recent patch as well as explaining why the damage from Force Sweep/Smash applies before the animation even begins now rather than after the animation occurs like it did pre-1.4.

My concern is that there cannot be any preparation against a move like that with it's current timing mechanism as opposed to the past when there was time to activate available defensive cooldowns like Force Shroud/Resilience or Force Camouflage to counter it. However now, these moves that can potentially do 7000 damage to multiple targets, cost no resource, and be activated more frequently than an already low 15s cooldown used to restrict cannot be prepared for except by guessing when the players will use them. The closest analog to this damage timing mechanism is Death Field/Force in Balance which can only hit 3 targets instead of 5 and does not have a damage ceiling near that of Smash/Force Sweep.

I want an explanation of what the developers were thinking because there is no clearly justifiable reason for these changes. Thank you.
You will not get an answer. When it comes to PvP balance, the devs will never communicate anything to the players. They ignore you completely. The sub money you pay them, they apparently forget about when it comes to PvP balance. They will only post on threads like the one talking about dueling in the fleet because it has nothing to do with PvP balance.

Been asking for a clarification on Consumption which is a sorcerer ability. It is totally broken for PvP since 1.2 and the player base hasn't heard a word in regards to what the devs feel about it. I've made multiple threads and so have others simply asking for an honest response to our thoughts and I'd venture to say not a single dev even read those threads. If they did, they laughed and neglected to post on it like every other PvP balance thread in existence on these forums.

The developers at Bioware sicken me. I could do a better job responding to the customer base in one day then their entire team of devs could do in one year.

Also, the smashes are hitting for considerably more than 7k. Someone has already posted a 9746 smash on the Prop5 pvp records thread.