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I come to these boards rarely, generally looking for information. Unfortunately, there is usually no answer and usually causes more confusion. But I am running out of idea to provide feedback regarding Flashpoints and Operations. Posting here is not my choice; it is just a mater of last resort.

I have been playing around with story-mode flashpoints for several months now in the hopes of getting crafting material and schematics. Something called “Biometric Crystal Alloy”. To-date, I have not seen any. Considering that my success rate for flashpoint is less then 1 in 3 and that I don’t have the time to do one except, maybe, once a week; I figure it is the luck of the draw. I can find no information that says otherwise.

I come on the boards, and find players claiming that story mode flashpoint are “easy” and quick to do. That has never been my experience. I find them tiresome and long. They are not suited to somebody who gets only one or two hours a day to play. If I had my way, I would not even bother with them, but its flashpoints or player-vs-player and I detest PVP even more. There simply is nothing else to do at level 50, and that is sad.

I run into players doing “speed mode”, which I have yet to figure out. Those always seem to be failures as they take off and I am left trying to fight though everything that they leave behind. They get to some boss and as I cannot get to them, they are a man short. I have had times when the other three players complete the mission and I am stuck at one of the earlier encounters. Most of the time, they get stuck at a boss and decided to kick me for “not doing my job”.

I also run into groups that kick me before I have even loaded into the flashpoint. I don’t usually get an explanation save one time when I was told that I was “under-geared”. That was a story-mode flashpoint, by the way. I look though my gear. It is loaded up with crafted level 50 purple armor pieces and modifiers, leaves me starching my head as to what is acceptable gear and how to get it. To date, I have found nothing that I can actually get that is better save for the daily level 51 armor pieces and that’s only by a few points.

The experience within the flashpoints is generally not favorable, ignoring actions of other players. Load screens take anywhere between one and three minutes. If there is an encounter where there is a bunch of NPC’s fighting each other, things get so slow that I am basically fighting blind. Frame rate is fine but everything moves in bursts with all the practical effects going off at all once. Boss encounters tend to be passable, as I don’t feel I am fighting completely blind. I just can’t count on anything being done in a timely manner.

I have had even less experience with operations. The one I got into took over five hours and we got to a point that it was clear we could not complete it. Mostly we had no clue what to do and had two players jumping back and forth between the game and some guide. Did not help us much as the guides where conflicting and likely out of date. Better in-game documentation would have helped.

Group-finder has not exactly been a blessing. Rather it has been more of a curse. You get dropped into a random flashpoint that you are not familiar with and be expected to perform as if you had run the flashpoint a dozen times. Since it is story-mode, those “daily commendation” are pretty much useless anyway as they cannot be turned into something that can acutely improve your chances.

Outside of flashpoints or when doing a lower level flashpoint solo, performance is fine even during problem encounters described earlier. The sole exception of sporadic server connection drops lasting 10 to 30 seconds.

I don’t see any hardware or home network issues on my side. Ping rates are normally “3 bars”, though Window performance monitor does suggest there is a bottleneck somewhere up stream from my network.

The forums are inconsonant in there usefulness. Players tend to use acronyms that are rarely defined or used consistently. Acronyms like “CC”, “HM”, “BH” and so on. The recommendation tends to require long blocks of on on-line time that I just do not have.

So there you go. I have no idea if anyone else has seen the same behavior and I am not expecting anyone to come up with any suggestions. I just needed to say the piece.

I would recommend, to Bioware, to put in some in-game methods of providing feedback. The short little surveys like where used during pre-release might work.

Sorry if I got a little long, lot of pent up frustration.