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10.11.2012 , 10:51 AM | #17
I really hope that Bioware revisits their difficulty settings in the near future. The vertical gear progression we've got at the moment is severely hurting the raiding community, especially combined with the ramp up in difficulty for EC and TFB hard modes.

Whilst I can appreciate the need for nightmare modes for the hardcore raiders, you have to realise that the difficulty level of EC HM is just way above the average raider, let alone TFB HM. By making it heavily reliant on gear as well as skill you make the barrier for progression too high for the average raider. This is resulting in segregation of the community in to the skilled "haves" and the less skilled "have nots".

Please, if you can, try to smooth out difficulty levels of raids so that there is a proper curve for raiders to progress on.

(For the record, im one of the "haves" - in full campaign/bh and got first 2 bosses in TFB HM done. I'm also a raid leader of a guild that includes all skill levels and am struggling to help the "less abled" get through the hard raids).
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