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Something new and less the same old. I only do flashpoints once and after that I don't bother doing it again since I have already seen it. Maybe content you can do in the world.. and I am not talking about dailies here.

Oh and dynamic flashpoints? Yeah I'd like that.
Yes more dynamic stuff would be cool. My suggestion: dynamic open world fps that require you to achieve objectives all over the planet, something like the BH area daily, only much much more challenging and including real bosses. How cool would it be if you do an fp and one time you face this boss and another time someone else. Also dynamic environments would help to add that dynamic real life feeling. Experience the same fp at night, day, sunset, rain, snow and thunderstorm, each condition adding entirely different mechanics to the fights. Imagine for instance some op mob/boss that only spawns at night. Would be really interesting.

Thats why I do a lot of open world pvp, its still the most diversified thing to do. Never gets boring!

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I agree with those who say all FPs should be converted to HMs. There are several excellent, entertaining SM flashpoints that most of us hardly ever see, because we're in the level range for them so briefly. This would be the quickest and easiest way to add more variety at level 50. Personally, I'd absolutely love a HM Cademimu or Mandalorian Raiders.
Also I would love to see some new Foundry hm. Come on BW, Revan is like THE superstar of the entire SW galaxy, you cant waste him on some faceroll fp.
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Panda ??? who is this Panda U speak of Carl.