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10.11.2012 , 10:12 AM | #34
I still haven't done all the flashpoints, or even close, so I'm not bored of them. Have a couple ideas, though.

I'd like to see some cross-faction possible flashpoints so we could have something to do with friends on the other side. It would also be great for rp for those who rp. I'd also like to see a few 2+ flashpoints that would be possible to run when a full group wasn't around. The problem with that would be that the whole point of flashpoints is interaction with actual people and those could be done with companions--not what they want. Maybe there's some way to ensure that they're done with another player, or give you some kind of bonus if you do.

I'd also like to see more complex flashpoints from a story point of view, ones that resembled a quest series in the main game. And while the story in fps is what makes it possible for me to stay engaged with them, I know that there are others who who skip story after the first time and flail if others don't, so perhaps there could be a fp where it was part of the plot to do them quickly, without convo except at the beginning and end. That wouldn't be for me, but some people would probably like it.