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The issue with this is that global mechanical systems for presumably fair loot distribution are completely different from the socially agreed upon system for fair loot distribution. It's a question of game theory as opposed to cooperative economics [...]
Definitely sage wisdom, although quite verbose. A way to improve the loot system would be to have a notice accompanying the "need" and "greed" buttons, something like "roll NEED if its an item for your class, you donīt have" and "roll GREED for everything else". Apart from that the current loot system works pretty well, until you get in a pug with master loot, where the gm takes all the valuable items for himself and his buddies. LOL

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You think this works like the Prisoner's Dilemma?

Yes, in one interaction, people can abuse the need / greed system and win. This is a game where one character will typically be played for a long time, though, and there are social consequences to ninja behaviour above and beyond pure loot consequences. For example, being unable to group because you are in ignore lists, being booted from the flashpoint or operation before the end, valuable players leaving the group because of your behaviour leaving you unable to finish the content.

In practice, the current need / greed situation works pretty well. Everyone knows the rules, most of the time people behave decently. Your proposal adds nothing.
Iīm amazed how sophisticated this discussion has become. The Prisoners Dilemma is quite interesting, basically a modified version of the Principal-Agent-Theory in microeconomics. I think most people know the rules, they just reject to abide by them. Primarily because most people are extremely selfish and short-sighted.
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Panda ??? who is this Panda U speak of Carl.