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I asked Jesse Sky to tell us a little about how Nightmare Mode is going to differ from the existing Hard Mode for EC. He said that the numbers have been tuned up in every fight, and mechanics in every fight have been modified - in some cases, there are new mechanics that players will have to learn. The differences aren't extreme, but they present new challenges in every boss encounters, and the rewards are much more appropriate for the difficulty (unlike in previous Nightmare Modes).
It might be worth revisiting the gear levels that drop as well. I think before it was determined that it will be the same ilvl as HM TFB. Through the use of reverse engineering I know a lot if guilds will be in full 63s in the very near future through this feature alone. This provides little incentive with regards to drops. Obviously completing a difficult encounter is a great incentive but there's not much longevity in that reward.

Any update on incentives outside of gear if previous information still stands?