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re-tuning some of the starter and mid level fp's to level 50 fps would add craploads of content. I barely did any fp's leveling any of my 8 50's. At first it was due to being on a dead server so getting lowbie groups was difficult at best with only 6-10 people on any given planet, byt the time I re-rolled on a larger server basically only did esseles/bt then soloed to 50 with quests and pvp, again no low-midrange fps.

so things like cademimu athiss etc would actually be fun to do over again alos giving you more options with the random group dailies. More 50 content for very little developer resources. They dont have to create anything really new, just tune the mobs to 50 and add gear.
Don't HM's do that?
If you once enjoyed the game but no longer do because of changes that were made, then you owe it to the game, yourself and others in your same situation to be not just heard but acknowledged and fully understood.

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