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My Armstech and Armormech crafts are so loldeeeeeerp it's not even funny anymore. I've had them since 12/20/2011, and now I'm just sad. I don't create epic pieces of beauty. I create junk that no one needs. Meanwhile, if I want to kit out BiS, I need to modify my gear for my specialty. I feel like I'm being trolled....
If I can get enough Zal Alloy, I can make quite a good profit from selling Mk6 augment kits, plus as an Armourmech I can also make augments.

I'd like to get more schematics for orange items (I hit 50 before they released most of them with 1.2(?)), it would also be nice if there were some graphical styles that could only be made by crafters (Armourmech or Synthweavers), or maybe we could change the colour of an item.

Armstech is in the same boat as cybertech as far as crafting high end stuff (barrels), though people only usually need 1 barrel, versus ~7(?) armourings/mods/etc.