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true story. Rolled a healer as my first toon. Had great fun running with a tight group of people. They transfered to a different server than I wanted to go to. I couldn't find a good tank for a while. I couldn't understand why good tanking seemed to be too hard for players. So...I rolled my own tank. Leveled all the way ot 50, did some Hard Modes. Aaaaanddd...

Half the stuff I was blaming on bad tanks was actually being caused by bad dps players... So I leveled a dps to 50... Yep, it was confirmed... bad DPSers are what wrecks it for both tanks and healers.

If you are doing any of the following....
1) constantly running ahead, because you already know this FP like a pro
2) making pulls intentionally, even if it's just trash
3) trying to be a ranged dps by shooting the boss in it's face from melee range
4) trying to be a melee dps by ignoring AoE boss attacks, or by face dpsing
5) trying to help the tank down an elite while there are strongs & weaks everywhere
6) constantly breaking cc, because you don't think it's needed
7) constantly running your ammo below 50%, when your resource conservation rotation will work better in most cases.
8) openning with the biggest burst rotation you can dish out - the one you use while doing solo dailies with a companion
9) not using your threat dump, cause you don't think it matters.
10) not using your interrupts, cause you don't think it matters.

....guess what... you are not an Uber 7331 DPS. It doesn't matter how good your gear is, or what content you've cleared. Because you've demonstrated that you don't play well as part of a team, or don't understand your roll as a part of that team. Almost all DPS underestimate the difficulty of playing dps, because they don't worry about NOT doing any of the above things. And as a consequence almost all of them do at least some of those things on a regular basis.

Your rotations can be sloppy joes loose, and if you don't do those things, your groups will still clear on level content. But even if your rotations are perfect, if you do the things on that list, you will contribute to full party wipes. Because you're messing up both the healer and the tank.

If either the tank or the healer ever order/ask/request/beg you to attack, ignore, or cc a specific target ~ THEY HAVE A REASON TO. If they have a disagreement about it ~ stay out of it.

If want to be an Uber DPS who has no trouble finding groups - you learn not to do ANY of the stuff on that list. I can guarantee you that if you do that, you will be on the friend lists of both tanks and healers, and you will get invites to groups on a regular basis.

Otherwise the geared tanks & healers will just 2 man Hardmodes with dps companions for the daily.....
this exactly. On my healer I've lost count of the number of times I've died because the dps all want to focus on the Elite the tank is holding, leaving 5-7 Normal/Strong mobs to murder me as I build healing threat. I Stealth to try to CC something and hey look, the idiot Sentinel has already pulled the group. I go for days at a time without completing my daily HM because of this kind of idiocy, and simple unwillingness to change their play style.