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Yeah they can get a bit boring when you know every single step you will be taking during speed runs, when you are dpsing more than healing because everyone is too overgeared and just doing it for the BH comms, when you SB every single cinematic because it's always a speed run. Pretty much the thing I'm not bored with is gearing companions, maxing out the affection and following their story-line, and ofc raiding and doing other activities with the guild, it's always fun, no matter if we do EV SM for fresh 50s or EC/TFB, or just a simple fleet datacron run. So yeah, FPs are a bit boring, could use a bit spicing up. And I'm not saying they should re-design to not allow speed runs, because that would just frustrate people more. Instead I would appreciate some more social stuff, pazaak, swoop racing and stuff like that
Yup, I been asking for Pazzaak since Oct 08 and still think its the BIGGEST missed oppertunity in game!

TOR should have pazzaak in every cantina of every world
Special quests for special cards
Very rare drops of special cards
Its such a obvious and easy social activity that could add meaning to cantinas!

I mean your flagged for pvp against your will so you head to cantina to sit 5 minutes (dont egt me started on that nonsense).
Do you want to sit there venting you have to spend 5 minutes doing nothing because you buffed yourself and didnt realize PUG member flagged himself, and thus you.
Or do you want to pull out your deck and have a few games and before you know it 10 minute, 30 minutes is up.

Such a obvious time filler
In regards to lessening F2P and Preferred restrictions
In GAMING, as in LIFE,
You get what you pay for
No game restriction is so dire that $15.00/month will not eliminate it