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As an aside, what class is your Main? For example, my Vanguard and Sniper don't mind the present system at all because they are rarely (especially after 1.4) harrassed with CC. My Shadow, Mara and Scoundrel, on the other hand, can't stand the system because it's a grey-bar fest.

My two mains are a 'Gunslinger'; who doesn't suffer from a cc problem because of immunity to interupts from cover, immunity to CCs from hunker down and there is no point in rooting him.

And the other is a 'Mercenary'. He gets CCed more and the 'Jet Escape' talent which lowers his CC breaker cooldown by 30 secondes helps a little, but he spends most of him time in the back anyway.

I have been playing a 'Guardian' lately (LvL 36) and I would think that this class gets CCed the most but in his case that only happends like I said when he is dog-pilled. So if I see there is a cluster of them I usually... Leap > Force Push > Saberthrow > Leap ... so that way it's 1v1 (temporarily) but if the rest chase me I'm done for anyway.

Nobody is asking for a perfect system. People are just asking for a system that is more fun. Being grey-barred simply isn't fun. Period.

BW can actually kill two birds with one stone, and even appeal to players like yourselves that like the additional tactical dynamic that CC brings to combat, by decreasing the cooldown on our CC Breaker.

Agreed. This is an exaggeration, but I never stated this. And I already said that dying/death has nothing to do with it. I don't think the majority of players would mind dying at all if they could go down fighting.

I get it. You pay your own sub and are entitled to your opinion on the game's mechanics. However, the fact of the matter is that this game in particular is an MMO, and as such, is in a constant state of change. The gameplay can be improved, and the Devs can improve it. They won't know to do so unless players give their feedback on things they like or don't like. Thank the maker players weren't satisifed and accepted how PvP was in this game at launch. Change is a good thing, and CC in this game can be changed for the better.

Alright, so let's agree that the system could be improved. You find the system more frustrating than I do at the moment, and we both have to live with it until a developer has a brilliant idea of how to fix it.
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The point is that you don't get to do anything. You can't harrass the 2 or 3, escape them, delay them, use your own heals/defenses to survive long enough for reinforcements (coming 10 seconds later?), hurt one of them or otherwise actually play the game. You get to watch the respawn button pop up. There's a small amount of skill involved with timing the ccs to keep your character locked up for 8 seconds or so (no, not really - a few classes can do it solo) but basically there's no skill on either side of the fight, assuming your anti-cc button is on cooldown... if it isn't there's a small amount of skill but if they're any good you will have to watch your resolve bar fill up while being cc'd and by that time, with no way to defend yourself, you will probably be dead or as good as dead anyways when you hit your anti-cc button.
Some classes are built to harrass.

Any class that can vanish like a shadow or an operative are good at that. Classes that can be temporarily immune to some CCs can also do the same, such as gunslingers, juggernauts and vanguards.

Maybe that's built in the system. Some classes are good at huttball more than others and some are better at holding off enemies and being on defense on nodes.