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<< I do it all the time. Perhaps you're just not a good harasser. >>

Someone says "2 or 3 v 1 I was going to lose anyways so what diff does it make", I say "lots of difference, cc stops you from doing this this and this even if you're not going to ultimately solo 3 players" and you say "but I can do this this and this vs 2-3 players"... Not if those 2-3 players are cc'ing you; sure, sometimes they don't.

Good combat management is by itself a skill. It's an important element along with situational awareness that makes up the general tactics required to survive in game... not to mention your assumption that you would meet someone who has two stuns (which is actually only one class, one specific build type) while you don't have access to your CC breaker, can easily be reversed. The enemy could equally, as well, have used up one of his stuns prior to the fight, or even better, you could've stunned him first to keep the stunned-twice-in-a-row disadvantage to a minimum.

Because, clearly, there are people -- including myself -- who suffer from none of these 'symptoms' thrown out from the CC/resolve complainers.

So unless we are: (A) blatantly lying, or (B) using hacks ...clearly there is something we do that the complainers cannot, and something we know that the complainers do not. That something is what we define as "skill".

I think it's a perception issue with people like you. Either you're staying in stealth for half a fight, or staying at range (or both) or you're running with a regular group that consistently ccs the enemy first. Or you're fighting very crappy players. And some people get used to being cc'd a lot and/or possibly like it. In any population there's going to be a small percentage of people that are nuts. My guess is that by far the highest percentage of players (including the majority of the very good pvpers) does not like the excessive cc in this game. I can't prove that but I can point to dozens of threads on these boards and almost any others that talk about swtor pvp. I've shown random non-players some of my wzs and they have often volunteered comments like "that looks like fun" while my character is thrashing on the screen only to be knocked back and mezzed immediately afterwards.

So avoid falling under such a situation in the first place. We call that 'tactics'.

I call it "not playing SWTOR pvp" which is looking like the smarter option now that I consider it.