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Jedi Guardian: Your knockback didn't work? Let me show you the dance of my people.
DUDE i'm ROFL'ing so hard to this here at work that no one is understanding anything and asking if i'm fine!
PS.: This happens to me a lot in Wzs...

Here are the ones i thought about:

Bounty Hunters in general
"Kill it with fiiiiiiiireeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!"

Troopers in general
"Oh you think you're scary? Let me show you my blaster!"

Agents in general
"Cuz cool guys don't look at explosions!"

Smugglers in general (some are quotes from the storyline)
"I'm going to be really mad if i die!"
"I'm shaking in my boots -- promise!"
"Stop waving your hands like that, you both look ridiculous!"
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