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Im very bored with "dungeon crawling/raiding" in general i feel it is an old concept. i had such big hopes for the fourth pillar, your character story but your story is meaningless at endlevel to.
Same here. I don't care so much about personal story at end game, I would rather see an ongoing story between both factions. Ilum could have been that, but Ilum has an ending. You do the quest line on Ilum and then you do the two flashpoints related to the planet and voila, the story of Ilum is finished.

And Black Hole, the story of that area was finished the first day you set foot in the area. As an Imp, you kill Torvix every single day. That's a very bad way to tell a story, I would rather see a story with an ongoing conflict and then have the objective to kill Torvix further down the line where it makes sense. As in, the objective to kill Torvix might appear a month after the area has been introduced.

They've done daily quests badly in this game. There's no creativity to them. Daily areas in World of Warcraft were nice WPvP hubs as well, and while there were people that were crying about that, the WPvP audience was happy. And they have every damn right to pvp on a pvp server. :/