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Hi Cerimon

While i do have to say you eagerness to help is welcome Cerimon like we been trying to explain to CS since 1.4 I tested 3 random pc's other then my gaming rig that meet your requirements to play swtor. I have a lot of hardware available to me being a repair tech. When i test a pc with my software i use to diagnose if there is any hardware issue it comes back perfect.. Before i even install the game on those random pc's. I do a fresh install of drivers windows 7 and vista. Don't run XP as it is to old for my hardware.

With just the OS fresh driver directx and visual basic running every graphic setting i can think of. The crashes are still there with no other software in the way . It rules out the pc driver and software and hardware as being the problem.

If you really want to help get in touch with your devs at this point as your getting a lot of people with the same issue
I sent in my dxdiag, launcher diag my system specs and a big list of thing i have done to rule the pc in general out of the equation with every thing CS has asked or suggested.

Kinda feel like i am going around and around on a Mary go round. At this point there is no suggestion that going to fix the crashing issue other Then patching swtor code. I can give you a little more info on whats happening the sound starts to get static the sound game loops a couple times then the game crashes with your character frozen The mouse stop moving and swtor uses 100% of the system ram. The first Swtor.exe shuts down the second swtor.exe stays at using 100% of my ram. which freezes the system and i have to use task manager to shut it down. Before some one say try another sound card i have no help.

When all else fails to work and you ruled out every probable cause the last thing is a guarantee to be the problem.

Were all at the point of unsubbing hell half my friends that play have quit since 1.4 do to this crashing. With the run around we been getting from CS.

sorry for the wall of text that just crit Cerimon for over 9000