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Okay, I got a good one.

A group is in a HM Flash Point and a boss drops a LightSaber. The Tank (Jug) and a DPS (Maurder) both need on it and the Tank wins. The DPS cries fowl and demands the LightSaber be given to him based on the idea that it's a DPS weapon and not a Tank weapon. The Tanks proceeds to show the DPS the weapon has a: Guardian Hilt, Powerbased Color Crystal and a Mod that has Endurance, Critical Rating and Surge.

Who is in the Right.
You dont distinguish between spec tree or advanced class. If its your class (SW in this case) you can need on it, if you dont have it. Else it would get way too complicated.

Also you cant assume you know whats the best build for someone else. Although hes a tank he might want that crit or power to increase his threat generation. And that mara might feel hes too squishy so he goes for a def MH.

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1: Punctuation is your friend. Use it sometimes. Will make you seem like less of an idiot.
2: There is no such thing as 'more' or 'less' wrong. Wrong is an absolute.
3: I wasn't talking about needing everything that dropped. I agree that people who need on everything are annoying, but this isn't what we're talking about.

I can't believe this thread has turned into four pages of petty arguments.
Bottom line;
The Need/Greed/Pass system works on a randomly generated roll for contested items, making it fair. Everyone else had already rolled greed in OP's scenario, so he did nothing wrong by needing for a companion at that point.
He's not a ninja.
Yes, as stressed multiple times, asking is the nice thing to do.
But without communication of ANY KIND, rolling need after everyone else rolled greed is perfectly okay.


Quoted For Truth.
1) Knowing what punctuation actually is would certainly make you seem like less an idiot
2) Staying on topic instead of starting to attack people personally, merely because they disagree with you, would definitely help to promote that vague idea of your nonexistent intellect even further
3) I suppose it exceeds your brilliant mind to ask yourself why the vast majority of players disagree with you
4) Thank you!

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I couldn't help but laugh and think of this:

Stuart: Ooh, Sheldon, Iím afraid you couldnít be more wrong.
Sheldon: More wrong? Wrong is an absolute state and not subject to gradation.
Stuart: Of course it is. Itís a little wrong to say a tomato is a vegetable, itís very wrong to say itís a suspension bridge.
LOL Best of Bing Bang Theory..
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Panda ??? who is this Panda U speak of Carl.