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For sure Aurojinn, was just messing around on my ship with some rotations and definitely was getting some ability lag, dropped me down to 1850 from 1970 the previous parse. Huge difference there, just from a bit of ability lag o.O
That is annoying - after last patch my output dropped immediately by 200-250 DPS...

I just checked 2 things what gain I would currently have using LagunaD Upgrade Advisor:
  • by replacing Matrix Cube with WH relic: -66 STR, +113 PWR, -27 Crit Rtg ~ +7 DPS
  • by replacing Campaign relic with 184 elemental damage with WH relic: ~ +20 DPS

For latter I used LagunaD's formula to calculate procc rate of relic (0.105 / sec) * 184 dmg ~ 20 DPS, adding WH relic is ~ +40 DPS according to upgrade advisor.
I will assume that these are numbers quite accurate because I make 2.5% more DPS then spreadsheet estimate.

Sooo... by grinding PVP I could negate 10% of loss due to increase in ability delay problems after last patch - scary.