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Yes Sir. Rafeesh gave a small mock salute. He walked into the cargo hold. He began going through the manifest to make sure that all of the gifts were in place.
Mean walked over to zero while rafeesh was busy in the cargo hold "What's your take on this guy?"

"I have been going threw some files...not turning up much that we diden't already know, but something occered to me while I was doing that. You remember our first attack on the mandalorion fleet? the one where you got capured?"

"Don't remind me....."

"Well, wasen't he your target? you said you fought him on the ship, right?"

" that you said something, I do remember him.....he was just as idelistic then. but....." Mean thought back to the fight "I don't know if this is inportant, but....during the fight....he used the force."


"Force push, to be exact. I remember having a nice chuckle about it at the time, about how unusual it was to have a force senstive mandolorion. Like I said, may not be inportant, but...."

"We will keep an eye on him, then."