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These are the Dayz of Master D

Episode 5

Terror From Behind

Scene 1

Dorito and Luc are exploring the Blackhole together
Camera: Total black out, 2 male voices can be heard

Luc: You said this was an epic quest?
Dorito: No I said I would let you have my 2 handed weapon and it would be epic...
Luc: purple then
Dorito: yeah bro...its purple..
Luc: you know purple is my favourite colour..
Dorito: Yeah.. it matches your eyes..
Luc: Enought talking, hug me Bro...

Scene 2

Primate with a Lantern on his head walks in
Luc and Dorito are wrestling manfully on the ground, some clothing seems to have come loose in the rough and tumble

Primate: You guuyssss...
Dorito: *** dude ?
Luc: tries to adjust a rather awkwardly placed set of leather breeches..
Dorito: Dude you know how hard it is to get man to man, hand to hand night time training on fleet?
Thats what this is, totally buff hand to hand ninja the dark..
Primate: Years of intense Imperial Intelligence training kicks in...
(in his mind, very very quickly)
"Step away from the 2 crazy Sith with their pants down otherwise they will start banging you with their lightsabers"
Primate: Excellent work, good to see such devotion to combat ability, Imperial Intelligence is impressed (meanwhile the camera in the combat badges on his breast is in a 40 megapixel 77fps frenzy).

Scene 3

Silber exploits 1.4 glitches to steal tequila from every other smuggler ship in existence
wakes up surrounded by 42 bottles of Tequila and spooning a wookie
Risha says its not hers...

Scene 4

Y'Wayne has discovered a long lost photo album..
Claims its proof he is not ninja'd in every match...

Tune in next week for another excting and twisted episode of the world famous GUILD DRAMA

Dayz of Master D

Disclaimer: All characters are entirley fictional and any resemblance to real characters is co-incidental and soley for the purposes of good humour.
Bribes accepted to nominate people into the plot

In the News
Biowear sets new record for the highest amount of bugs ever released in a single patch while still not technically breaking the game, coding team aims to do better next time...
"We are aiming so its a bug if you can actually log in" says Sandeep Prajasathavariswami chief outsourcing coding developer and Brinjal farmer, "its technically challenging but we think we are getting closer each patch..."

In sporting news
Lance Armstrong calls Fug-ue a cheat...
No one can be that good, he has carried more terribad Rep teams to victory than I have won Tours...the mans taking something...

Guild Updates

Hairyqueen, no surprises, took one for the team and then Meds flees to yet another guild
Hairyqueen still smiling though

>Median< still little better than average and still accepting any Rep pvper who just cant stand the drama

The Effette, name changed to the totally non gay sounding

Wet Dream Team, Limped dribbled and shriveld down to non existence.

BOSS Secretly a workers anarcho-syndicalist commune, socialist paradise. Workers committee yet to decide whether they are going to be only "just OK" at PVP or PVE...

Beyonce Redemption is looking for people for its 17th raid team, server time 2am-5am 6 nights per week progression, phone 1800snore for more details
Starcaller Legacy
Master Dar'Nala server R.I.P
Now Harbinger & The Bastion
PVP Healer