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Greetings DarthVengeant,

Sorry for the lateness of this response, hopefully I can help you run the game without issue. You have eliminated a lot of potential factors already, I would like to have you eliminate any additional software as a cause of your problem: please run the game after performing a clean boot. Instructions on performing a clean boot:

Please try this and post your results here.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for playing Star Wars: The Old Republic
No sir, I am not going through all that fiasco on my Win XP Pro. Not going to happen. Had you read my other posts you'd know not to post links that are WIn 7. I have done quite enough already. My time runs out in 3 days, I wont be paying for more until this game is fixed. Sick of this.

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Have to totally agree with ya the only different between me and you is i am a pc repair tech and went as far as testing 3 independent PC's randomly. With the same crashes, Bellow in the spoilers is my original ticket and the response i just got back. CS at this point is a joke. Bioware your CS cant read or refuses to read sending out placebo fixes on wrong issues does not help your customers. IF CS is reading this please for the love of all things holy send the info to the devs.

Vsync and setting low graphic are sure to stop memory leaks and random crashing on state of the art pc
Now Bioware is telling me to do a Clean Boot and I am not about to screw my PC up and go through ALL that for a game when all my other games work fine. Not going to happen.

I however will try the Vsync setting, but I doubt that will do anything. It's the game, not our systems. I am pretty much done with this game.