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10.11.2012 , 12:00 AM | #505
Okay, I admit I am not from APAC region but playing on Dalborra. 400ms lag usually, but it works. And I HATE to rain on people's parades here but someone may have to.

I doubt they will merge the server, because there are only 3 servers with each ruleset. And much as some people may claim in the forums that all people on the PVP server are okay with merging to Dalborra, there will always be many who are silent and disagree. So I think them merging us is totally unlikely.

What could be done is people coming and making new chars and legacies on Dalborra - I know its work and annoying but doable. That way you could show how many truly want to move... and maybe convince BW to invest into some better server tech to help with the lag.
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