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The point is that you don't get to do anything. You can't harrass the 2 or 3, escape them, delay them, use your own heals/defenses to survive long enough for reinforcements (coming 10 seconds later?), hurt one of them or otherwise actually play the game.
I do it all the time. Perhaps you're just not a good harasser.

You get to watch the respawn button pop up. There's a small amount of skill involved with timing the ccs to keep your character locked up for 8 seconds or so (no, not really - a few classes can do it solo) but basically there's no skill on either side of the fight, assuming your anti-cc button is on cooldown...
Good combat management is by itself a skill. It's an important element along with situational awareness that makes up the general tactics required to survive in game... not to mention your assumption that you would meet someone who has two stuns (which is actually only one class, one specific build type) while you don't have access to your CC breaker, can easily be reversed. The enemy could equally, as well, have used up one of his stuns prior to the fight, or even better, you could've stunned him first to keep the stunned-twice-in-a-row disadvantage to a minimum.

Because, clearly, there are people -- including myself -- who suffer from none of these 'symptoms' thrown out from the CC/resolve complainers.

So unless we are: (A) blatantly lying, or (B) using hacks ...clearly there is something we do that the complainers cannot, and something we know that the complainers do not. That something is what we define as "skill".

...if it isn't there's a small amount of skill but if they're any good you will have to watch your resolve bar fill up while being cc'd and by that time, with no way to defend yourself, you will probably be dead or as good as dead anyways.
So avoid falling under such a situation in the first place. We call that 'tactics'.
"To everything, there is a first step. The first steps in becoming better at PvP, is to acknowledge the fact that you totally suck. There's no shame in this -- even the greatest of players have been there, done that.
Stop complaining. Ask more questions. People are happy to help."